On most Tuesdays throughout the year we have one of our regular routes for members to run. 

The routes for each Tuesday are outlined below. After a short briefing, the route is explained and the runners are set out to finish what is normally a 10k route. 


On a Tuesday night we have two groups that start at slight different times. These are: -


This group is for people looking to finish the route (approximately 10k) in roughly 60 minutes or more. This might be for a number of reasons including injury, returning to club after an absence, just starting out, or that is simply your pace


This group is for people who can complete the route (approximately 10k) in under 60 minutes. 

Tail Runner

We also have a tail runner every Tuesday for runner safety. Many of our more experienced runners volunteer every now and then to be the tail runner for the night. This means they stay at the back (yes, you will never be last!) and make sure everyone (including newbies!) get around the route safely. 

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