Gwent Leisure Centre League

Here a group of 10 running clubs in the old county of Gwent that take it in turns to put on five closed road races of about 10k on Tuesday evenings in the Summer months, and five weekend cross-country races in Autumn and Winter.  

Points are awarded to every runner according to their finishing order (men and women separately), and league tables are published showing the positions of clubs and of individuals in 5 year age categories over each season. The Cross Country and Road series are competitions in their own right but there is also a 'combined' competition with all 10 races included.
At the end of each season trophies are awarded. Upwards of 500 runners contest the summer races, and up to 200 the winter cross-countries. The Summer 'road' races take place on what are considered to be the safest courses around the county. 

During the GLCL XC  Series 2018/19 a number of our runners were placed in their age categories, congratulations to Michelle, Pete, Gwyn and Paula. 



Results, Fixtures and Full Details can be viewed below.

Gwent Cross Country League

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