Rack Raid

The Rack Raid  was first organised in 1993 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Fairwater Runners and as an alternative event for those who were unable to gain entry to the larger Castles Relay event. This event, in comparison, is low key but has always experienced a fantastic atmosphere. It has now become one of the highlights of the Caerleon Running Club calendar and competition for a place on the team(s) is fiercer than ever. 

The Rack Raid is an all-day event consisting of 13 stages, covering approximately 100 miles, travelling around the picturesque countryside of the former county of Gwent. Starting at 7.30am in Grosmont, the Rack Raid winds through Skenfrith, White Castle, Abergavenny, Moat, Monmouth, Raglan, Usk, Tintern, Chepstow, Caldicot, Penhow and Caerleon, before the close at the Castell-y-Bwch pub in Henllys, Cwmbran - nearly 12 hours later. Each leg starts and ends with either a Ruin, Amphitheatre, Castle or Keep.

Caerleon Running Club has taken part in the Rack Raid since 2004 (except for 2006 when it was cancelled due to foot and mouth), and in recent years has fielded two teams. Several members of the club have completed over six rack raid legs over the years - Howard Mason, Peter Thomas, Justin Pocknell, Grahame Viner, Liz Richards, Helen Thomas and Karen Payne. Legend has it that club chairman Peter Rodger has run all 13 legs in some capacity since the advent of the Rack Raid in 1993. This hasn't been verified though, mainly because Peter cannot remember.

Below are the results for every team for every event since 2007. Also you will find under the other files, the results for all the Caerleon RC runners since 2004 (as far as can be recalled), and the male and female record holders for each leg for Caerleon RC. 

You will also find a section called My Own Rack Raid, here we have painstakingly compiled the names of all the CRC runners who have ever run a leg of the Rack Raid. Some members are coming close to having completed their own Rack Raid, with only a few legs left to do. Where are you on the list? 


Finally, there is a short video of the Rack Raid from a few years ago that really encapsulates the essence of the Rack Raid. See if you can spot some CRC runners - including a very youthful looking Howard Mason and Andrew Taylor!! 


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