The Club Time Trials are a hotly contested series of 5K runs that take place on four occasions during the year. There are trophies available for all age and gender categories, so everyone has got the chance to shine. There is also an age adjusted category, where a top secret algorithm is applied.

Winners 2018-19

Ladies - Jade Wakley, Avisa Talemi, Charlotte Moran, Suzanne Mainwaring, Paula Williams, Michelle Clabon &

Gwyn Howells. 

Gentlemen - Liam Hynes, Rob Bickel, Andrew Wright, Kevin Dupe, Neil Williams & Peter Rodger. 

Age adjusted trophy - Paula Williams

Time Trial LPF Winners  - Michael Tasker & Vanessa Pritchard

Current Standings in the 2019/20 Competition are HERE.

Video of our Time Trial route is found HERE. (From 0.07s onwards)

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