Casnewydd Championship

This is a championship held between Lliswerry Runners and Caerleon Running Club. Each year a series of championship races are selected for you to pit your skills against other runners in your age group across both clubs.  A variety of races are selected, 4 miles, 10k, 10 miles, half marathon, etc throughout the year.

Everyone gets points according to their finishing position (150 points for 1st, 149 points for 2nd...etc), with men and ladies scored seperately. These points are collected in a league table & updated after each race.The exception to these points are any marathon distance event in the year (which scores you 150 points) and taking part in the club Gwent Leisure Centre League races, which earn you 30 points per race.

There is also a league table with men & ladies combined, all scored on a handicap system (similar to golf) based on their best Newport parkrun time. This is called Level Playing Field (LPF) Championship. The LPF has a number of awards based on the types of runs that occur through the year. Similar to the Tour De France, there is a yellow jersey for the overall leader, polka dot jersey for the highest points on the hilly races, green jersey for the highest points over speedy races and a white jersey for the highest new member (a member who joined in the year prior to the Championship or the year of the Championship). 

Please note that this championship calendar runs from Jan 2019 for 12 months and that for the whole of the championship year you remain in the age category that you are at the start of the championship. The championship year ends with a celebratory dinner, held in January. 

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Gwyn Howells

Caerleon RC

V60 Female Champion 

Casnewydd Championship 2018

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